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Easy Garden Obelisk

This Easy Garden Obelisk is the perfect way to add height and interest into your garden in minutes. The stylish 3 leg design is finished off with a decorative finial to provide the perfect finishing touch. Not only a decorative feature on its own, the robust construction makes it ideal for supporting a wide range of climbing plants - from roses through to small trees - it's perfect for training plants through it and around it. Suitable for use anywhere in your garden, it can also be used in containers to create an instant, moveable, point of interest.

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Made from robust 22mm / 1" tubular steel with black polyester-coated finish for long life

Easy assembly

Ground hole-maker provided for easy fitting

Size: 1.63 metres high above ground (plus 27cm below ground) x 33cm wide / 5'4" above ground (10" below ground) x 1'1" wide