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Digital Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm

This Digital Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer with Alarm has an easy to read display that shows indoor and outdoor temperatures in degrees C or F, as well as the max/min at the push of a button. This thermometer also features a programmable, audible high/low alarm when using the remote sensor on the end of the 9ft flexible lead.
Easy to read LCD digital display which shows temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Temperature range indoor range is -19.9 to 69.9 degrees Celsius, outdoor range -49.9 to 69.9 degrees Celsius. Accurate to within 1 degree Celcius.
To check outside temperatures the thermometer has a small, weather resistant, detachable remote sensor on the end of a 9ft (3m) PVC lead.

Audible alarm is easy to set (please see instructions) and can be set so that the alarm sounds if you go below a set temperature or above a set temperature.

Powered by a 1 x AAA battery (included), battery life approximately 5000 hours.

Dimensions: approximately 2" wide x 4" high (65mm x 97mm), depth 1" (20mm). Weight 100g

This thermometer can be used free standing or can be hung on a wall using its built in hanging slot.

Operating Instructions

Click here to see operating instructions for this thermometer.