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Classic Green Lifestyle 1.9kw Propane Gas Heater

This 1.9kw propane heater is specifically designed for use in any size greenhouse up to a 10' x 12'.
Supplied complete with all its fittings, the easy to use piezo ignition and thermostat allow accurate temperature control for propagation and helps protect your plants from frost.

This heater has now been replaced by the Lifestyle Eden propane gas heaters.
Please Click Here to see details of these new heaters.

Fully Thermostatic.
Its capillary thermostat has a range of between 2* - 25* celcius and is accurate to +/-1*C.

Easy and Safe.
A simple one-push piezo ignition lights the pilot light which in turn ignites the main burner when the thermostat dictates.
The pilot light also incorparates a flame failure device and a CO2 sensor and cut off.

Supplied Complete.
The heater is supplied with 1meter of high pressure gas hose, two securing clips and a regulator which is set to the optimum operating pressure for this heater.

Long Lasting.
Its stainless steel housing has a dark green powder coated finish and a crome safety grill sits on top of the heat outlet.

7" deep x 15˝" wide x 18" high (18cm x 39cm x 46cm).

Suitable for greenhouses up to and including a 10’ x 12’

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Please note
The manufacturers recommend that the heater is connected to either a 13kg or 19kg propane bottle.

This heater has been designed for use in a well ventilated greenhouse and is not suitable for use in the home.

It is only compatible with the Orange Propane Bottles.
It connot be connected to either the Green Patio Gas Bottles or the Blue Butane/Propane Mix.


The heaters are not flued outside and should only be used in well ventilated greenhouses.
Designed and manufactured for safe operation in moist greenhouse environments.
Not only burning safely to produce and radiate heat, gas heaters also produce growth-enhancing CO2.

Gas heaters produce a 'moist' heat, so it's important to keep the greenhouse well ventilated by combining roof vents with louver windows.