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Capillary Greenhouse Thermostat

Versatile two way thermostat, ideal for use in damp environments.
By simply swapping over one of the conections within this conventionally configured Greenhouse Thermostat, you can alter it's use.
When switched the thermostat becomes a 'make on rise' unit which enables you to control a cooling appliance.
When delivered it will be configured to be a 'make on fall' thermostat used to control a heating device rated up to 3KW.

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Some minor electrical connections will be required, please see the learn more tab.

Reversible temperature range 0-40ş Centigrade/32-104ş Fahrenheit.

Has a capillary sensor built onto the side of the control box.

Will reliably operate in humid, damp conditions.

Dimensions: 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.5cm)

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Although the sensor for this thermostat is clipped to the outside of the box, it can be located up to 1.5 metres from the control box by pulling through the capillary tube and securing with the spare retaining clip provided.
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Maximise economy and temperature control from heating/cooling appliances by incorporating a thermostat. All are supplied with good wiring diagrams but, if in any doubt, it's probably best to have them installed by an electrician.

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