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BASE for Elite Kensington Lean To Greenhouse

A greenhouse base helps you to secure your greenhouse to either soil, grass or a solid foundation. For the range of Elite Kensington Lean To greenhouses you can either build your own brick base or purchase an Elite Aluminium Base, which will match your lean to exactly. You secure the aluminium base to the ground, whether to a prepared concrete foundation, paving slabs or directly on to compacted earth. The Kensington Lean To is then fitted onto the aluminium base, resulting in a lean to greenhouse which will be securely held in place. 
This factory made aluminium base is 5" (125mm) high and is designed to fit the size of your chosen Kensington Lean To exactly.

To secure to soil or grass the base comes complete with four corner brackets. You can sink these directly into the ground to secure the base.
When placing your greenhouse onto a solid foundation, such as concrete or paving slabs, simply cut the brackets into smaller sections to use to secure the base to the foundation.

This base is available in either plain aluminium or with a coloured powder coated finish to match your Lean-To.

Always order the same length and width of base as your chosen lean to.

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Please Note:
This aluminium base is only suitable for use with an Elite Kensington Lean To greenhouse.

Ideally purchase your base at the same time as you order your lean to, allowing 4-6 weeks for delivery of a plain aluminium frame or 8-10 weeks for a coloured frame.

The delivery charge for this greenhouse base is Ł30.