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Base for Elite Classique Greenhouse

Elite offers a separate 5" (13cm) aluminium base for its Classique greenhouses up to 14’5" in length. The aluminium base is versatile in that it has the ability to go directly onto soil or grass and can be adapted for any solid foundation, such as concrete or slabs. Greenhouse above 14' 5" in length should be sited on properly prepared foundations (plans can be provided).
Simply select the length of base to suit your Classique greenhouse.
 Select the type of finish to match that of your greenhouse.
 The aluminium bases do not have a ground level threshold as standard, however the doors can be dropped into the aluminium base to achieve this. The cost for this would be an additional charge . 
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For Classique greenhouses longer than 14’5" we recommend building a brick base. A solid engineering brick should always be used, however, please note that the number of bricks used in the base height will result in a higher step-over into the greenhouse. Overlapping cills demonstrate a need for accuracy when building a brick base and you should always ask us for accurate dimensions prior to building a brick base.