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Bag Drip Watering Kit

Ideal for greenhouses where there is no mains water, this Bag Drip Watering Kit is an easy way to keep plants constantly watered, useful if you're out all day.
Use to supply water directly to large plants or for smaller subjects & seedlings it's better to drip onto matting & let the plants take up the water they need.

Kit contents:
A strong 2 gallon water reservoir bag, with fittings to hang it from an aluminium greenhouse glazing bar. The bag holds sufficient water for 24 hours.

5 metres of Ľ" tubing.

6 drip nozzles - just cut the tube & insert a nozzle, spacing them to suit your requirements.

The rate of water flow from each one can be adjusted or turned off completely.

Ľ" end plug.

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With a life expectancy of 3 years if left out all year, their shape allows them to be stacked for easy storage when not required.