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Automatic Rion Roof Vent Opener

Please note - despatched direct from the manufacturer please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
Designed speciifically to fit the roof vents of the Rion and Palram Greenhouses and Lean-to's, this Automatic Window Opener will open and close according to the temperature. 
Fully Automatic - Opens your roof vent as the temperature rises maximising ventilation and air circulation.

Fully Adjustable - Has an adjustable temperature range of between 15 and 25 degrees celcius.

Easy to Fit - Simply remove the existing window stays and attach the fittings into the pre-drilled holes on the vent framework with the screws supplied.

Fits Flush - Sits parallel to the greenhouse roof when closed so nothing hangs down to bang your head. 

Durable - Finished with a black powder coating for a long life.

 Designed specifically for the Rion range of greenhouses. 
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How it Works.
The stainless steel cylinder contains a temperature sensitive mineral wax that expands as the temperature rises. This increases the pressure inside and pushes out a steel pin that is connected to arm of the opener. This arm then opens the roof vent. As the temperature drops, the wax contracts and allows the vent to close.

Click here to see fitting instructions for this Automatic Opener.