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Auto Louvre Opener for Rion Greenhouse

This Automatic Louvre Opener for the Rion greenhouse will open and close the Rion louvre window depending on the temperature.
This makes it easy for you to ensure good air circulation throughout your greenhouse even when you're not at home.

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Easy to fit - Designed specifically to fit the Rion Louvre Window.

Automated - Automatically opens the louvre window, it also has a release catch allowing you to manually open and close the louvre window if required.

Operation - The unit works by having a special mineral wax within the cylinder. This wax is very sensitive to temerature and expands with heat, pushing out a piston rod to actuate the opening arm on the louvre window. As the temperature falls the wax contracts and the window closes.

Actuation range - The opener can be adjusted to set the opening temperature between 15*C up to 25*C.