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47 Litre Tank for Drip Systems

A large capacity water tank suitable for running drip watering systems in greenhouses, gardens and any other area required.
 This 47 Litre Water Tank comes with a secure lift off lid for ease of filling and is supplied with a 1/4" tube outlet.
Using a tank fed drip system allows you to provide water to you plants in a constant controlled manner which is ideal for healthy, successful growth. Measured amounts of soluble or liquid feed can be added to the water tank which will also encourage strong growth. Using the correct drippers should give you approximately 1 week's coverage when using this tank to create a drip watering system.
SIZE: 22.5" Tall x 15" Wide x 11" Deep (572mm x 381mm x 279mm)

CAPACITY: 47 Litre / 10.34 Gallons.
Multiple tanks can be linked into a system to give increased capacity.

For best results a tank should be raised so that the outlet is at the same height as the drippers, for larger systems the tank is best raised as high as is practical. 
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