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3kW Greenhouse Fan Heater

Please note: currently out of stock new stock available from 8th February - order now to reserve stock.
This 3kW Greenhouse Heater is a great tool to use when trying to maintain temperatures during the cooler months. The 3kW powerful output means it can quickly and effectively heat up large spaces. It also allows you to reach and maintain the desired temperature allowing your plants to thrive.
The simple, robust design allows you to easily use it in your greenhouse. Its three settings, of fan only, 1.5kW and 3kW helps to make this a versatile heater which can be used as a fan in the summer months to circulate air around your greenhouse.

Versatile - this heater has three setting, with options of fan only, 1.5kW and 3kw and is capable of heating a greenhouse up to 10' x 12'.

 IP24 Rated - this means this heater is spray proof in any direction, allowing it to be safely used in greenhouses where there is moisture and high humidity levels.

Heavy duty heavy qauge, painted steel casing with strong carrying handle. When stood in position it has anti-slip feet and can angled to be horizontal or slightly elevated.

Sturdy 'cooker' style heating element the heaters powerful fan distributes the hot air quickly throughout your greenhouse.

The fan runs all the time with just the heating element cutting out with the thermostat, this ensures an even temperature is maintained throughout the greenhouse.

Dimensions :
9˝" (24cm) long x 9˝" (24cm) wide x 12" (30cm) high to the top of the control panel.
4'3" (1.8 metre) power cable for easy installation.
Weight: 3.6Kg

12 month warranty included.