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2 Gallon Reservoir Bag Only with fittings

Use this robust 2 Gallon Reservoir Bag to act as a water reservoir when designing a ¼" Drip Watering System.
Very useful for greenhouses where no mains water is available. 
Manufactured from robust black plastic.

Easily fill with water through the opening at the top of the bag.

Connector supplied to enable easy attachment of Ľ" tubing to the base of the bag.

Supplied with fittings to hang it from an aluminium greenhouse glazing bar.

Dimensions: 12˝" (32cm) wide, 22" (56cm) overall length.

All parts available to buy separately (Ľ" Drip Components).

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As the water level falls in the bag the drip rate will vary - to get the most even flow hang the bag with its bottom outlet just above the drippers.