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13mm to 6mm Tube Reducer

When the source of water for an automatic ¼" (6mm) drip watering system is a long distance from the plants this ½" (13mm) to ¼" (6mm) Adaptor enables you reach to reach the area to be watered using ½" (13mm) hose then reduced down to ¼" (6mm) tubing with ease. 
Manufactured from robust black plastic.

Barbed on both ends of the reducer to help create a secure fitting between the ½ inch (13mm) hose and ¼ inch (6mm) tubing.

Dimensions: approximately 1¾ inch (45mm) long. 
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This sturdy Plug should be pushed into the end of the Weeping Garden Hose - the barb on the plug helps to ensure a tight fit.