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The Junior Wormery

Supplied complete with everything you need to turn your kitchen waste into great vermicompost this Junior Wormery is ideal for single person use. Due to its compact size it?s also great for flats, balconies or studios.
Your wormery will include Tiger worms, coir bedding, lime mix and instructions. It?s really simple to set up and you can add a wide range of dead and decaying organic matter for the tiger worms will eat, e.g. ordinary kitchen waste such as peelings, bread, cooked and uncooked scraps, tea bags, egg shells and paper towels. In-fact virtually any organic kitchen waste can be used.
Please specify when ordering if you want live worms or a worm voucher.
Suitable for - single person use, this wormery has a 18 litre capacity,

How The Junior Wormery Works - consisting of the bucket shaped wormery body with brass aeration vent for airflow, separating platform and tap this compact, portable wormery is great for small spaces. Once set up everything takes place is this sealed unit. Once the worms have become established you can add kitchen waste whenever it becomes available, ideally every day (little and often is best). Once your bin is full (typically 8-10 months) you can remove the rich organic compost which will have been made, After the first 10 weeks or so you should be able to drain of the rich liquid feed as it?s formed.

This Junior Wormery comes with everything you need to get started:

Tiger Worms or a Worm Voucher - If you are buying this wormery as a gift or don?t intend to set it up straight away, we suggest you get it delivered with a worm card voucher instead of live worms. Then when your ready to get started return the worm card by post and the live tiger worms will be sent out.

Coir Worm Bedding - used when setting up the wormery, this forms the bedding for the worms as they settle in.

Lime Mix - keep your worms thriving with our environmentally friendly soft lime mix. This mix will ensure that the environment in the Wormery is stable and non-acidic. Simply add a handful every month, or more if you use lots of acidic fruits. Ground lime, dolomite or crushed egg shells will do the job just as well but do not use ordinary garden lime as this can harm the worms.

Separating Platform - which fits inside the wormery to keep the liquid feed produced in the wormery apart from vermicompost being made.

Tap with washer and nut - enables you to drain off the liquid feed produced during the composting process. You should be able to start tapping this liquid off after about 10 weeks, then empty the sump every couple of weeks. To use dilute the liquid with ten parts of water to one part of liquid.

Location- as your wormery should be odour-free, you can keep it wherever is most convenient, indoors or outdoors. However, worms do not thrive in extremes of temperature particularly when getting started so avoid sites in the full sun and remember to keep it in a frost-free position over winter.

Height 14 inches / 36cm
Diameter 13ľ inches / 35cm
Capacity 18 litres.

Delivery: please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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Delivered direct from manufacturers please allow 7-10 days for delivery. When placing your order please inform us of any access restrictions to your property (i.e. narrow lane/road, stopping restrictions on the road etc.).
Couriers will leave goods in a safe place if you specify when placing your order where goods can be left e.g. “If I am out, leave it by the dustbins.”

Please Note:
Although we can delivery this item to Scotland, Highlands, Grampians, Northern Ireland and Offshore Island there will be an extra delivery charge. We will contact you after receiving your order to confirm the delivery charge prior to placing the order with the manufacturer.