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4 Tray Pet And Dog Poo Wormery

You might not think it, but a pet waste or dog poo wormery can give you some great compost for your garden. Rather than going straight in the bin and on to landfill, you can throw your dog waste into one of these specially designed Standard 4 Tray Pet And Dog Poo Wormeries and have it turned into worm compost (also known as vermicompost) and liquid fertiliser. This not only cuts down on the amount of pet poo you need to dispose of but also enables you to turn it into something useful for your garden.
These Pet and Dog Poo Wormeries come in multiple colours and come with everything you need to start disposing of your dog waste straight away, including: Tiger Worms, Bokashi Bran, Coir Worm Bedding, four Composting Trays, one Drainage Sump Tray, Tap and Lid.
If you have a cat that uses organic-based biodegradable cat litter this can also be added to the wormery. If added, add it in small amounts and include some lime mix at the same time, as the worms are sensitive to ammonia found in urine. 
Please specify when ordering if you want live worms or a worm voucher. 
Suitable for - this 4 Tray Wormery is suitable for households with 3-4 average sizes dogs or 2-3 large dogs.

How The Wormery Works - consisting of four sturdy nesting trays with a lid, drainage sump and stand which forms a neat, compact portable unit. The worms eat and breed in the working tray. This tray has a perforated base to allow any liquid waste to drain through to the drainage sump. The worm poo or worm castings remain in the top section and can be harvested as required. The bottom sump collects the valuable liquid waste which can be diluted and used as fertiliser on your garden.

This Pet and Dog Poo Wormery comes with everything you need to get started: 100 Tiger Worms or a Worm Voucher - If you are buying this wormery as a gift or don't intend to set it up straight away, we suggest you get it delivered with a worm card voucher instead of live worms. Then when your ready to get started return the worm card by post and the live tiger worms will be sent out.

1kg Bokashi Bran - which is added to the wormery to speed up the decomposition process. This bran is enriched with beneficial effective microbes and has a distinctive sweet smell, similar to that of hops. It should also help to neutralise the smell in the wormery.

Four Composting Trays Plus Lid - start off with using one tray and when it becomes full then add the next tray. By the time the fourth tray is full the bottom tray should contain compost ready to use. Typically this will take about 6 months (or longer) from when you first set up the system.

Coir Worm Bedding - used when setting up the wormery, this forms the bedding for the worms as they settle in.

Drainage Sump Tray And Tap - enable you to drain the liquid feed produced during the composting process. Ideally empty the sump every week via the tap. You can store the liquid in a sealed plastic container. To use dilute the liquid with ten parts of water to one part of liquid.

Location- these wormeries should be stored under a roof or in a secluded and sheltered area for the best results as they're not rainproof and could flood in the event of heavy showers, but they are perfect for a garage, shed or out-building. Avoid putting them in direct sunlight or out in freezing conditions.

Height Empty 1ft 10 inches / 56cm
Height Full 2ft 7˝ inches / 80cm
Width 1ft 4 inches / 40cm
Depth 1ft 4 inches / 40cm
Capacity 62 litres (15.5 litres per tray)

Because of the fecal nature of the waste, we do not advise using the end compost in vegetable patches or in areas where young children would play - but it is an excellent conditioner to be dug into your garden or used as a bedding for shrubbery and flower beds.

Delivery: please allow 7-10 days for delivery.

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Delivered direct from manufacturers please allow 7-10 days for delivery. When placing your order please inform us of any access restrictions to your property (i.e. narrow lane/road, stopping restrictions on the road etc.).
Couriers will leave goods in a safe place if you specify when placing your order where goods can be left e.g. “If I am out, leave it by the dustbins.”

Please Note:
Although we can delivery this item to Scotland, Highlands, Grampians, Northern Ireland and Offshore Island there will be an extra delivery charge. We will contact you after receiving your order to confirm the delivery charge prior to placing the order with the manufacturer.

Click Here to see instructions for building this wormery.