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Professional Propane Weed Burner Flame Torch

Despatched Direct From The Manufacturers : Please note this item is currently out of stock - order now for delivery mid July.
This high quality, Professional Weed Burner makes killing lots of weeds easy and efficient. Its’ long arm means less bending down, whilst the trolley makes it easy to move around larger gardens or allotments.

This weed burner has piezo electric ignition making it simple to light every time – the igniter button is by the handle so it is safe to light without your hands needing to go near the burner. Its easy to move between areas with and without weeds without having to relight the burner due to its pilot light. This also means that you only need to have it set on maximum flame when you are in an area of weeds, so saving on gas usage.

Its sturdy steel trolley can securely hold propane gas bottles from 6-20kg whilst its large tyres make it move to move around any surface.

Efficient weed destruction – this burner can reach a maximum temperature of 1300 degrees. For easy direction of the flame the burner has a 5cm diameter, 8cm length. To easily reach weeds the lance is 89cm.

For comfortable use over long periods of time – it has an ergonomic handle whilst the lane has been kept lightweight at 0.8kg.

Piezo ignition for easy use – this push button ignition system means you don’t need to get your hands near the burner to light it.

Five metres gas hose and brass fittings supplied – the hose is 6.3mm 30Bar Propane / Butane

Gas regulator included – 2.5Bar Propane / Inlet POL 105

Suitable for use with propane or butane gas - to make it easy to move the gas bottle as you work this weed burner comes complete with a sturdy steel trolley. Suitable for gas bottles from 8kg up to 20kg, its large tyres make it easy to move over different surfaces.