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Weed Mulch

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Use Weed Mulch to suppress weed growth & retain moisture when creating new beds in garden or greenhouse, or in areas already planted.
As a weed suppressant this spunbonded fabric is also ideal for use in areas where decorative chippings, gravels and bark mulches are to be used.

Material - A strong, black spun-bonded 50gsm, polypropylene fabric. 

Tough & Long Lasting - UV stabilised to give a 4-5 year life.

Versatile - Use when creating new beds in the garden or greenhouse, simply lay on the surface, peg down with our fabric staples & cut slits where you wish to plant.

For existing planted areas, lay on top of the ground & cut holes around the plants.

For decorative areas, lay on top of the surface, peg down and then cover with the decorative aggregate

Supplied from a 78" (200cm) wide roll, purchase as many metres as required in a continuous length, up to 50m. 
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