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Greenhouse Watering

Watering is essential for healthy growth, but when your plants are residing in a greenhouse or polytunnel, then it becomes vital that you are able to supply them with the correct amount of water as you are the only source of water available to them - unlike plants in the garden which can benefit from rainfall. It is also important to note that plants need the correct amount of water - as many plants are killed by over watering as under watering, especially in the greenhouse in the winter months.
We stock a wide range of greenhouse watering systems for use in a greenhouse or polytunnel, all designed to provide your plants with water as and when they require it with maximum efficiency and minimum effort. We stock greenhouse watering equipment for manual watering of plants (such as traditional Haws watering cans), self watering systems to ensure your plants receive the correct amount of water, simple to install drip irrigation systems and spray or mist irrigation systems to promote healthy plant growth.

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