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Water Butts, Tanks and Accessories

A Water Butt will collect and store rainwater from the gutters and downpipe of a house, outbuilding or greenhouse. A rain diverter - also called a 'Rain Sava' - is a simple device that can be inserted into a round or square downpipe to divert water into a Water Butt. If you haven't got space to have a Water Butt next to a downpipe, use a long length of standard garden hose with the rain diverter so that you can position the Water butt a distance away. Keep your Water Butt covered with a lid to prevent debris falling in or algae, slime or scum from forming. One of the reasons for collecting rainwater is that plants prefer rainwater than tap water - rainwater is better for your garden as it has a balanced Ph level and is free of chemicals that your plants dislike, such as chlorine. Acid loving plants prefer rain water over hard tap water. And rainwater is better for topping up ponds than chemically treated tap water. Saving rainwater in a water butt will also help you beat the hosepipe bans and drought orders that have become common during the summer months.

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