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Conservatory Versatile Shelving

The most popular type of staging within a greenhouse is freestanding staging made from aluminium. Aluminium is an excellent material for greenhouse benches as it is not only strong it also has the advantage of requiring no maintenance and being extremely long lasting. With greenhouses made in such a wide variety of sizes, our Versatile Shelving is available in a wide selection of widths, lengths and heights - and if you don't find the size that you are looking for, as we make the Versatile Shelving ourselves in our factory in Derbyshire, we can make the Shelving to you exact specifications.
Our Versatile Shelving has height adjustable levels, letting you decide on how far apart you need the levels in order to access your plants or work at them. You can select the levels to be made from either aluminium slats - slats allow maximum air circulation and are ideal for plants such as orchids - or aluminium trays - ideal for supporting even the smallest pots or seed trays - or timber slats - our untreated timber slats are good for storing fruit or vegetables by allowing the air to freely circulate.