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UV Bubble Wrap Insulation

Bubble insulation is a great way of keeping the cold out or the heat in - in any greenhouse.

When you install bubble insulation you create a layer of warmer air between the inside of the greenhouse and the cold air outside, this means that the transfer of warm air across this barrier is reduced and the heat created by your greenhouse heater will be more effective, whilst the effects of cold air outside are reduced.

This will also ensure that your greenhouse heating systems are used as efficiently as possible as they will not have to work as hard to maintain a regular temperature if heat loss is kept to a minimum due to the insulation.

We sell our bubble insulation in precut amounts or you can buy it per metre so you can tailor the amount you buy to the size of the greenhouse that needs insulating. For wooden greenhouses we recommend using drawing pins to secure the insulation, if you have an aluminium greenhouse then you should be able to use retaining clips such as Alliplugs which will twist and lock into the bolt channels of the frame.

When lining your greenhouse with bubble insulation you will need to fasten the insulation around windows and doors so you are still able to open them when necessary, you can use all weather tape or double sided tape to hold the insulation in place which will still allow you to use the access points and vents.

To make installing bubble insulation easier and as effective as possible we recommend the following maintenance tasks before fitting the insulation:

  • Check for pieces of broken glass - replace broken panes or seal cracks using tape as any breaks or holes will make the insulation less effective.

  • Check and renew seals/draught excluder on greenhouse doors and windows - this will ensure that the insulation is able to work in a sealed unit instead of trying to keep in heat within a leaky in the structure.
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