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Up Staging

Greenhouse Benching - also known as Greenhouse Staging - are used in most greenhouses. Benches multiply the amount of useable growing space available - you can use the area below benches for storage or plant growth, or you can buy benches with more than one level - with two or three tier versions available. Plants grown on top of benches are easier to water and maintain - growing on the ground requires lots of bending when looking after your plants, whilst shelving at waist height reduces the need for bending.
Our Up-staging provides you with all the benefits above together with longevity and maximum versatility. Aluminium greenhouse staging, our Up-staging is made from long lasting, maintenance-free, rust and rot proof aluminium. Our most popular staging for over 36 years this greenhouse staging has been designed to carry heavy loads - with bracing below the top level for superior strength. Providing maximum versatility you can choose this staging to have one or two tiers, with a plain or deluxe green finish. Surfaces available include solid aluminium gravel trays or aluminium slats. Available in a wide range of sizes, as we make the Up-staging in our own factory we can make it to suit your exact requirements in terms of height, length and width.