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Tropf Blumat Pressure Reducer for 1/2" Hosepipe

If you need to start the Tropf Blumat system from a ½" hosepipe (for example if you are using the system in a greenhouse which is a distance from your mains water supply) this Pressure Reducer is supplied complete with the fittings to allow you to do so. 
Fitting to the Hose :
Fit the Gardena Snap-On Hose Connector to the end of your existing ½ inch / 13mm hosepipe.
Into the top of the Pressure Reducer screw the grey adaptor.
This will then allow you to 'push fit' the Snap-On Hose Connector onto the Pressure Reducer, thus connecting it to your hosepipe.

Fitting the ¼ inch / 6mm Tube :
At the base of the Pressure Reducer just unscrew the retaining cap and slip it onto the ¼
inch / 6mm tube.
Push the ¼ inch / 6mm tube onto the barbed fitting and screw the retaining cap back onto the Pressure Reducer to hold the tube securely in place.

Water Filter :
Within the Pressure Reducer is a mesh water filter to prevent any small particles getting into the watering system & blocking the tube or nozzles. The filter is easily accessible for simple cleaning. 
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Please note: designed for use as part of the Tropf Blumat Drip Watering System ONLY.

Click here to see how to use this Pressure Reducer.

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