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Tropf Blumat Components

Create your own automatic watering system for your garden or greenhouse using these Tropf Blumat watering components.

Each ceramic probe is sufficient to water an area up to 10inch in diameter, so ideal for watering a hanging basket for example. When watering a raised bed or trough where the plants are similar then you can use one probe together with drippers to water an area 3ft by 10ft.

When creating your own watering system it’s easiest to draw a rough plan of what you intend to water, so that you can calculate the amount of tube you’ll need to carry the water to your plants together with any connectors you’ll need to turn corners or branch the tube off in different directions. You can then work out the number of probes you’ll need to water your plants, together with any drippers which you can use after the ceramic probe to water similar plants.

If you need any help when planning your watering system call us on 01246 451077.