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Topiary is the art of trimming and shaping plants into ornamental shapes - these could be an object or a geometric shape (such as a pyramid or cone). Topiary can be carried out in your garden, in containers or for tabletop displays. Formal gardens often feature topiary and it can also be featured in a kitchen garden with the topiary shaped into whimsical characters. Container topiary provides more flexibility as you can group containers together, change displays through the year and add other plants into the containers to accentuate the design. Tabletop topiary is often done using ivy or herbs and is popular for events, such as weddings, parties or Christmas.
Topiary requires you to be able to trim, weave and train plants into all different shapes and sizes. Traditionally topiary is formed using evergreens (box or yew are popular) so that you create a permanent feature. For the best finish, you need to use either a very sharp pair of hand shears or a lightweight electric hedge trimmer. We stock specialist topiary equipment such as Hand Shears which let you precisely trim and shape with minimum effort.

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