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Storage & Racks

Gardening is easier when you have the right tools for the job - but this can mean that you have a lot of tools. Putting your garden tools away properly for the winter will make them last longer as they will be protected from the weather, wear and rust, and, being kept all together, you'll know where to find them when you need them again. If you don't have an outbuilding where you can store your tools then purchase one of these purpose built garden tool storage cupboards or chests. Out tall cupboards allow you to hang up long handled tools so that they are off the ground. Whilst smaller tools - such as secateurs, knives, twine etc. - can all be kept together in one of the door pockets or on a shelf. You'll also need space to store any watering equipment. Coil up lengths of hose and hang them out of the way. Never leave garden hoses, reels or trolleys outside overwinter as these increases the chance of frost damage any pipes springing leaks when next used. Pots and containers will last longer is stored undercover over winter. Ideally store containers empty - this makes them less likely to crack. When garden tool storage space is limited, an interchangeable tool system is a great option. These let you purchase a handle and range of interchangeable heads, so that you've got less to store when not in use. These tools are also easier to transport - for example if you're taking them to your allotment.