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Two Tier Standard Up Staging

This versatile Two Tier Up-Staging will allow you to make best use of space in your greenhouse, with its lower tier providing extra storage or growing space. 
This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Framework - cross-braced 1" x 1" x 1/16" aluminium angle bolted together with aluminium nuts & bolts. Using long lengths of aluminium combined with additional bracing below the top level & between the legs gives a much better load bearing capacity than other designs available.
Height - 30" (75cm) high - with the lower tier 8" (20.5cm) from the ground.
NB - If our standard height is not what you require and you would like your staging to be higher, we can alter to your exact requirements. Add your chosen staging(s) to your basket, then please CLICK HERE for details on how to purchase the extra height.

Surface - Available with either aluminium trays or 2Ľ" (6cm) wide aluminium slats, just make your selection when ordering.
NB. if you wish to have a selection of both please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Trays - 7/8" deep aluminium trays (made from 1mm thick sheet) sit in the supporting framework. The trays are reversible, you can use them as a dished gravel tray or turn them over to form a flat level surface, ideal for capillary watering. Alternatively you can remove one or all of the trays to allow tall plants to be grown through the framework, which they can use for support.
NB - The lower tier tray is slightly smaller in width than the top tray, allowing it to fit inside the legs of the framework.
Slats - These 2Ľ" (6cm) wide aluminium slats (6 per staging section) which are spaced 1˝" (4cm) apart on the staging, fully adjustable to suit different pot sizes but a tight fit so they stay firmly in place.
For every day use trays are much more useful, but if you are overwintering plants, slatted surfaces come into their own, as they allow good air circulation, which helps to prevent 'damping off'

Please note: If you would like a staging tailoring to your exact requirements please see the 'Learn More' tab.

Illustration show a 5'9" Two Tier Up-Staging with trays, with water mats placed on the top tier. 

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Two Wests own manufacture and design - As we design and manufacture this range of greenhouse staging and benching here in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we can vary the sizing infinitely. If our standard range of sizes do not suit your exact requirements then please give us a call, we will be pleased to tailor to your exact dimensions - usually at No Extra Cost. 

Click Here to see the instructions for assembling this Staging.

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