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Top Cover for Professional Potting Bench

Make your Two Wests Professional Potting Bench even more useful with this sturdy cover for the whole of the top potting area. This top cover turns your potting bench into a normal flat topped greenhouse work bench, ideal in peak growing times when every bit of greenhouse bench space is at a premium.
Alternatively if you are, or would like to, use your professional potting bench outside, or it is in a greenhouse with a sprinkler system, then this top plate acts as a rain cover preventing the plastic tray from filling with water should it rain or the sprinkler system be activated.
Made from rust and rot proof aluminium.
A taylored fit to the Professional Potting Bench.
Turns the Professional Potting bench into a useful workbench
Keeps water out of the potting tray if its used outside or in a greenhouse with a sprinkler system.
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