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Special Offer Mini Integral Staging & Shelving Together

This Special Offer Set of a Mini Integral Staging & Shelving will enable you to make efficient use of greenhouse space whilst giving you maximum flexibility.
Once installed both the folding staging & shelving are available for use either permanently or as and when you need the extra shelving and staging space.
When not required both units fold down flat to the greenhouse wall in seconds and with them having mesh tops this has no adverse effects on light entering your building.
Being 24" in length these folding stagings and folding shelves are designed to fit within one standard section of a greenhouse, so can be installed side by side.

SPECIAL OFFER SET - Buy this set and you will SAVE £4.99 on purchasing the items separately.
This product will be supplied as a flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Integral Staging -
24" (61cm) long & 19" (48cm) deep, it fits within one 24" (61cm) section of a standard greenhouse.
Anchoring onto the greenhouse wall at the back it has two 19" galvanised wire hangers that clip onto the front and then secure to the wall.

Integral Shelving -
24" (61cm) long & 12" (30cm) deep, it fits within one 24" (61cm) section of a standard greenhouse.
The back edge anchors into the glazing bars of the greenhouse & 19" galvanised wire hangers suspend the front.

Both units are fully height adjustable and can be fitted end to end to form longer runs.

Both staging & shelving have a surface of 12 gauge / 1inch square galvanised steel mesh, allowing excellent air circulation around the plants, so heat can rise & any surplus water can drain away quickly.

Illustration shows Integral Staging with an Integral Shelf above.
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Please note: designed for use with the Patio Greenhouse ONLY.