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Greenhouse Integral Staging

This Greenhouse Integral Staging is really versatile, being hinged to the wall you can quickly and easily put it up as and when you like.
During the summer, many gardeners use their greenhouse to grow tomatoes and other summer crops and then later on in the year need to over winter their tender plants, whilst in early spring a greenhouse can be struggling for space for seed trays. As a result of these varying requirements for occasional shelving, we developed our Integral Staging. This staging offers a generous, stable work surface which can be folded vertically out of the way in seconds. 
This product will be supplied flat pack for self assembly. Full instructions will be included.

Hinged Fittings - Strong nylon hinges and aluminium fixing plates attach the frame to the side of your greenhouse. The hinges then allow the whole of the staging to fold vertically against the greenhouse wall.
Plated Fittings - The fitting plates supplied are designed to allow stagings to be attached in line along a greenhouse side and can be butted up end to end.
Galvanised Wire Hangers - The front edge is securley supported by two strong wire hangers which are hooked into wall brackets.
Maintenance Free - Rot and rust proof, 19mm aluminium tube and strong 1" aluminium angle forms the framework which supports the 12 gauge/1" square galvanised steel mesh work surface. The mesh allows excellent air circulation and drainage when in use but maximises light transmission when folded down.
Dimensions - Length: 48" (122cm), Width: 19" (48cm)
Special offer discounted set available - please see 'You May Also Like' - below.
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