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Manufactured from 1mm thick aluminium sheet.

The tray is not sealed at the corners to allow adequate drainage. To make the tray watertight either line with polythene or seal the corners with a waterproof adhesive (silicone sealant).

Available in two sizes to fit either our 10" (25.5cm) or 15" (38cm) wide More-Staging.

9˝" (24cm) wide by 29 1/2" (75cm) long & 7/8" (23mm) deep.
or 14˝" (37cm) wide, 29˝" (75cm) long & 7/8" (23mm) deep. 
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Specials: This type of Two Wests & Elliott own manufacture aluminium gravel tray can be made to any size you require simply click here to contact us for a quotation, or call us now on 01246 451077.