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Deluxe Extra Tier

Make the most of your greenhouse space and increase the holding capacity of your Deluxe Up-Staging by adding a Deluxe Extra Tier.

Simply bolted on with brackets to the legs of the Up-Staging, it stands 18" (45cm) above the existing staging.

Surface - select either aluminium trays or 2Ľ" (6cm) wide aluminium slats.

Powder Coated Finish - moss green RAL6005 finish on framework, trays & slats.

Covers & Edging - supplied with black covers for the nuts & bolts together with black edging strip for the gravel trays to create a smart, deluxe finish to the staging.

Purchase it to run the whole length of your staging or just add an extra tier to part of it - enough bracket are supplied to allow this extension to be fixed at either end or anywhere along its length.

To fit along the whole length of your Up-Staging, purchase your Extra Tier to the same length.

To fit on just part of your Up-Staging purchase any length smaller than your existing staging.

Please note: when ordering you must always purchase the Extra Tier in the same width as your Up-Staging.

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Please note: designed to fit to the Deluxe Up-Staging ONLY.

Click Here to see the instructions for assembling this Staging.