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Sprayers & Sprinklers

Greenhouse Sprayers and Sprinklers are vital tools when raising your own plants from seeds or cuttings. By misting leaf and stem cuttings they will develop roots faster, so you will be increasing your chances of producing healthy new plants. With seeds sown on the surface of compost, a gentle mist or spray will keep the surface moist helping the seeds to germinate. When supplying new, fragile seedlings with water the best way is to lightly spray them from above - watering them from the side could cause young seedlings to be knocked over. For plants in your greenhouse, spraying or misting them with water will have a positive cooling effect - important during the hotter months of the year when you want your plants to remain healthy and lush rather than quickly drying out. Spraying or misting your plants is also a way of increasing humidity within your greenhouse, increased humidity will result in healthier looking foliage and helps prevent infestations, such as red spider mite.