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Solar Lighting

Solar Garden lighting is the easiest way to add light into your garden. With no cables and no batteries, solar lights use the natural energy from the sun and convert it into the power your solar lights need. And you don't need to have long, hot summer days to charge the lights - today's super efficient solar panels are just as effective in cooler, cloudier conditions. There are a wide range of benefits of using solar lighting in your garden, rather than traditional, low voltage lighting and here we list some of the major benefits.
Cost is an important factor when using lighting in your garden. Traditional lighting needs an electricity supply and it can prove costly to have power professionally installed in your garden. As well as costs for wiring, traditional lights will add additional costs to your electricity bill, and if you forget to turn the lights off you'll be paying to illuminate your garden all night. Solar lights need no wiring - so there are no installation costs - and, powered by the sun, there are no running costs associated with solar lighting.
New technology has made solar lights bright especially compared to earlier models of solar lights. New solar lights use light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) that require very little power to work - so will produce bright light for their size. These LED bulbs are also good as they should never need replacing (they have a typical life of 300,000 hours).
Solar Garden Lighting can be installed in minutes. With no wiring required, you can place solar lights in your garden exactly where you want them, even in places electric lights would be difficult to install - in trees or along fences for example. And solar string lights make it easy for you to decorate hedges or walls.

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