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No Go Slug And Snail Copper Tape

This No Go Slug and Snail Copper Tape is the perfect alternative to the use of chemicals to rid areas of Slug and Snail damage. It's supplied as a 4m roll of tape which you can cut to size. Application is easy as by removing the backing paper a strong adhesive back is revealed which will stick to most types of pots and containers. 
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How It Works
When a Slug or Snail attempts to cross the copper tape a small electrical charge is created from the copper and this will stop the slug or snail from crossing the tape. In this way your plants are protected from damage without the use of chemicals.

How To Use
First cut the length of tape you need to form a complete loop around the frame or pot which is being protected.

For protection against snails as well as slugs cut V shaped groves all around the bottom of the tape before removing the backing tape and applying it - ensuring the surface it is to stick to is clean and dry.

For protection against slugs only there is no need to cut grooves, simply remove the backing and stick the tape onto a clean and dry surface. 

Supplied as a 4 metre roll.