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Easy2Grow 2 Pot Extension Kit

Add to your Easy2Grow Kit to keep even more plants well watered and fed. This 2 Pot Extension Kit has been designed to easily extend your existing kit so that you can water another two plants. In fact, you can add up to a further four pots (so two extension kits) to your first kit allowing you to water up to six plants from the one water reservoir. 
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Each 2 Pot Extension Kit includes:
 Two 8˝ litre plant pots, with root control discs.
 5’ (1.5m) of 6mm irrigation tube.
 A Tee connector to allow you to join this extension kit to your existing kit.
 Base Tray complete with AQUAvalve.

What is the AQUAvalve and how does it work?
The AQUAvalve is a unique valve fitted in the base of the kit. It controls the flow of water to your plants and ensures they only receive the water as they need it.
Simply, the valve allows water to fill the base tray which holds the two plant pots. As your plants soak up what they need, the water gradually decreases in the tray until it is completely drained. It's only at this point that the valve opens and allows more water into the tray. This results in healthy plant growth, as the roots of your plants aren't constantly sat in water which can cause them to rot. 
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This Extension Kit can only be used together with an Easy2Grow Pot Kit as it is this kit which includes the water reservoir tank.