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Triplegrow Planter Chillegrow

Designed in consultation with chilli growing experts, this Triplegrow (Chilligrow) Planter makes it possible for anyone to successfully grow their own range of chillies without any fuss.

Unlike normal pots or trays, this Chilligrow makes it possible for the plants to control the amount of water they receive - this is important, as for a successful chilli harvest the plants shouldn’t be allowed to run out of water, or their roots stand in water.  
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How The Triplegrow Works:
 Pour water into the planter’s Water Reservoir.
 SmartMats fit between the reservoir and base of the pots, making it possible for the plants to pull water up to their roots when they need it.

The Benefits Of The Planter:
 With this ‘on-demand’ watering roots grow stronger, plants are healthier and harvests are bigger.
 Ideal for ensuring your plants are kept watered whilst you’re away on holiday.

What You’ll Receive:

Three 6 litre pots - into which you add your compost and seeds.
7 Litre Capacity Water Reservoir - sufficient for up to two weeks.
SmartMats - these transfers water from the reservoir to the plants.
One year of chilli feed.
Jargon-Free Instructions. 
Size: 31" long x 9.5" wide x 11" high (79 x 24 x 27.5cm) 
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Chilligrow - expert designed for bumper harvests 

 Upgrade your planter and get a bumper chilli harvest. Designed in consultation with chilli growing experts to produce bigger harvests of ripe chillies.

 The Chiligrow keeps your chillies perfectly fed and watered at all times without over-watering. Simply fill the 7 litre SmartReservoir and the FeederMats in the pots pull water up to the roots when they need it, so your chill plants have access to water whenever they need it, roots are never stood in water, so oxygen is never limited. 

 "The Chilligrow produced the best most consistent results, all the plants look excellent." 

 David at the ChileFoundry 

 Each pot is 6 litres, large enough for healthy root growth but small enough to encourage early fruit development, giving fruit time to ripen and plant time to produce bigger chilli harvests. 

 At less than a metre long and 25cm wide, you can grow bumper harvests in any small sunny space and the Chilligrow is drip-proof, so you can grow chillies indoors and outdoors.

Click here for instructions.