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Seed Trays & Covers

Seed Trays are used when you are growing new plants for your garden from seeds or cuttings. In the past gardeners would have used timber trays in which to sow their seeds. Nowadays the majority of gardeners will use plastic trays - these are cheaper, more lightweight and easier to clean then timber trays. When choosing seed trays remember to think about where your plants are being grown. In a greenhouse full size seed trays are ideal, but if you're raising your plants on a windowsill then full size seed trays will be too large - rather use half or quarter seed trays. The quantity of plants which you want to grow will also affect which seed trays you buy. Growing a large quantity of the same seeds makes full size seed trays the best option. However, if you want to raise a wide variety of plants but in smaller quantities than the smaller seed trays are better.