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Seed Tray Racks

Our sturdy, aluminium Seed Tray Racks let you accommodate lots of seedlings and plants within a compact space - so making best use of your greenhouse space and getting maximum value from heating costs. The Seed Tray Rack has been specially designed to securely hold full size seed trays - and is strong enough even when the trays are full with growing plants. The Racks are supplied complete with Deluxe Seed Trays - these seed trays are strong, hard wearing plastic trays that you will be able to reuse year after year. Being a generous 3" deep, these trays provide lots of room for healthy plant growth and are also suitable for growing shorter rooted crops - salad leaves, radish, spring inions etc - where they can be sown, grown and harvested all within the Seed Tray Rack.
If growing from plug plants you'll need a place to pot them up and bring them on prior to planting out. By using this Seed Tray Rack with watertight trays instead of seed trays the Rack turns into an ideal Plug Plant Unit providing you with loads of growing space.