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Seed Sowers, Dibbers & Tampers

Seed Sowers are designed to make it easy for you to sow the right number of seeds in the right amount of space. Crowded seedlings are more likely to fail as they are more receptive to damping-off disease, will be starved of light and are difficult to prick out - a good Seed Sower tool should prevent these problems from occurring and should reduce the need for thinning out seedlings.

Tampers are used to press down the compost in pots and trays prior to sowing seeds or inserting cuttings. By pressing the compost down you create a firm, level surface and ensure there will be good contact between the seeds or cuttings. Using a tamper prior to planting will also remove any air pockets within the compost which could lead to over-saturation of roots and possible collapse of the surface compost on watering. Tampers are also known as 'Presser Boards'.

Used in a greenhouse, a small Dibber is used to make holes in compost when sowing larger seeds or cuttings. Often with a gauge along one side, the dibber is a tool which lets you create the correct depth of hole for the plants you are sowing. In the garden a Dibber is also used - this time a larger version - to create a hole when planting rows of vegetables such as brassicas or leeks. Again, these larger Dibbers often have a gauge on the side to help you plant everything to the correct depth for successful growth.

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