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Secateurs, Loppers & Shears

Secateurs and Loppersare available in two different types - anvil and bypass. Anvil models are suited best to heavy duty pruning and cutting through thicker branches. Anvil modelss pinch what you're cutting between the blade and the base plate, creating a cut similar to that of a knife.

Garden Shears are great when you have lots of shrubs to trim, have plants that need deadheading such as heathers or need to cut back perennials and grasses to remove old foliage. There are a range of different Garden Shears for different activities within the garden. Hedge Shears are the most common form of the tool and are used for both trimming and shaping hedges. Hedge Shears consist of two identical blades that cut like a pair of scissors to create a clean cut through small stems and leaves. To cut through thicker stems choose shears with wavy edged blades - these not only cut through thicker stems the wavy edge makes it harder for stems to slip out as the blades are closed. Some shears have a notch towards the end of the blades - this is intended for cutting the odd shoot that would otherwise be too thick to cut. Other types of shears include Grass Shears - these tend to have long blades and handles and are used for trimming around tree trunks, flower borders etc after cutting your lawn. Single Handed Garden Shears are also popular when trimming the edge of lawns or other small, lightweight tasks.

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