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Scissors, Snips & Saws

Professional quality Garden Scissors, Snips and saws will produce a smooth cutting action without any effort. The blades of scissors are generally no longer than 6" (15cm) and for ease of use have large holes in the handles where your fingers fit. Garden scissors are a really useful, multi- purpose tool. Use them when cutting flowers, harvesting herbs, dead heading and pruning away dead leaves. They can also be used for cutting open bags of compost, cutting through string etc.
Garden Scissors & Snips have been designed for use when a pair of scissors would be too big. Precise and sharp, Snips let you make clean, accurate cuts. They are often used for topiary, flower arranging or for delicate cuttings.

Garden saws are used for heavier pruning and are designed for ease of use in confined spaces. The blade of Pruning Saw is extremely sharp and will cut efficiently through both dead and green wood, creating a good clean cut. If possible choose a saw with a slightly curved blade - the curved shape means you won't need to apply as much force when cutting, making them ideal tools for cutting through thicker branches. For pruning high up in trees or shrubs use a telescopic saw - saws are available that can be fitted to a telescopic handle - this means you won't need to use a ladder. Folding Garden Saws are also good as the blade folds away into the handle so are easy to carry and store safely.

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