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Rion 8ft Wide Grand Gardener Grenhouse

These 8'6" (259cm) Wide Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouses provide the enthusiastic gardener with a huge amount of growing room, with it's higher than average eaves height at 5'2" (161cm) giving generous growing headroom, ample space for staging and benches whilst still leaving plenty of space for working in.

The unique barn shaped roof on these Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouses creates loads of headroom allowing the easy, unobtrusive installation of overhead spray kits, suspended heaters and other greenhouse equipment, as well as adding great strength to the building.

The twin wall opaque polycarbonate glazed roof on this greenhouse has excellent insulation properties, being effectively 'double glazed'. The Clear polycarbonate glazed walls in this Grand Gardener Greenhouse also give it the more traditional look of a glass glazed greenhouse, whilst being ultra safe as the glazing is virtually unbreakable.
  • Canopia Rion Grand Gardener Greenhouse

    from £1,630.00

    Framework - extremely strong, oval profile, totally weatherproof UV stabilised green resin frame. Snaps together using specially designed 'push-fi...

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    from £1,630.00