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Ring Culture Pots

Traditional Ring Culture is where Bottomless Plant Pots are rested on a bed of porous aggregate (such as gravel). By following the Ring Culture method you avoid root diseases and you allow roots access to a large amount of moist material - this is why Ring Culture Pots are ideal when growing greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines that are susceptible to soil-borne problems.

You can adapt the traditional method of ring culture to get the best crops from your grow bags. Simply position three Bottomless Pots on top of the grow bag - removing the polythene under each pot so the plants roots can grow straight into the bag. Plant into the Bottomless Pots. As your plants grow simply top up the pots with more compost - this encourages the growth of extra roots out of the covered stem - resulting in stronger plants. Growing plants in this way you can also create a two tier root system - by watering into the pot and into the grow bag.

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