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Raised Bed Kits

Raised bed kits provide you with everything you need - apart from the soil and plants - to create a bed to grow vegetables or flowers. As raised beds create an area specifically for growing - where you do not need to walk so a pathway is not needed - raised beds are ideal for small gardens, with kits being available to allow you to have a raised bed on a patio if you are very limited for space.
As raised plant beds are compact this also makes them suitable for new gardeners - especially if youãre new to growing vegetables - as it makes it easy for you to create an area where you can raise vegetables without needing an allotment or turning your garden into a vegetable plot.
Allotment gardeners will also use raised beds as it makes it easier to provide a nutrient rich, depth of soil to grow your plants as well as creating an area which is easier to keep free of weeds, pests or diseases - you can use weed mulch to reduce the amount of weeds, place a wire mesh below the raised bed to prevent some pests from reaching your crops and is your soil has been affected by disease, a raised bed makes it simple for you to use new soil or compost in a contained space.