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Root!t Thermostat

This Root!t Thermostat can control appliances up to a maximum of 1kw, so it's perfect for controlling propagators, soil cables, heated trays or benches or even small greenhouse heaters. 
With its easy to read digital screen will show the current temperature in degrees C or F. You set the temperature you require via the up and down buttons on the thermostat - it's that simple!
To attach the thermostat to the appliance it is to control you just plug the appliance into the socket on the thermostat - quick and easy and no wiring required!
For accurate temperature sensing, the sensor is on a long flexible lead, allowing you to position it in the most temperature critical area - for example the probe could be pushed into the compost in a seed tray. 
This Root!t Thermostat features:

Temperature range of 10-30* C / 50-86*F. The thermostat is accurate to + / - 1*C. 

Temperature sensor can be used to measure air or soil temperatures. It is fixed to a 76in / 193cm flexible cable. 

Easy temperature setting is achieved using the up and down buttons on the thermostat, with the temperature showing on the easy to read digital screen. A light on the thermostat shows when it is on and another light shows when it is using power to reach the set temperature. 

Cabling includes a 5ft 10in / 178cm mains lead with 3 pin plug. There is a 9in /23cm power out lead with 3 pin socket (for plugging your appliance into). 
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