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Professional Grow Light

These Professional Grow Lights have been designed to enable you to install professional lighting systems in your greenhouse and provide the exact lighting requirements for your plants at the relevant growth stages.
With a choice of having the unit supplied with a Metal Halide lamp for promoting green growth and shorter internode spacing or a High Pressure Sodium lamp for encouraging flowering growth in later stages.
Power Pack 400 watt:
4" (10cm) wide,
8˝" (22cm) long,
4" (10cm) deep,
5kg in weight.

Power Pack 600 watt:
11˝" (29cm) wide,
5" (12cm) long,
4˝" (11cm) deep,
9kg in weight.
Joined to the reflector via a 13ft (4m) long cable. 4'11" (1.5m) long cable with plug for mains connection.

19" (48cm) long,
16" (40cm) wide,
5" (15cm) deep.
Supplied complete with two 20" (50cm) chains and fittings for the unit to be suspended from the ridge of the greenhouse.

Choose the power pack to provide the coverage you require.

400 watt unit - coverage: total replacement 1m2, supplementary 2m2.

600 watt unit - coverage: total replacement 1.5m2, supplementary 3m2.

Supplied complete with comprehensive installation instructions.

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Please note: designed for use with the high Pressure Sodium Lamps & Metal Halide Lamps ONLY.
Replacement and additional lamps available to purchase separately, see the accessories tab.