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Matsuko Digital Thermostat

New for 2022 this Matsuko Thermostat is perfect for use in heated propagation or in a greenhouse environment. Use it to control propagators, heating cables, heated trays benches, as well as small greenhouse heaters no more than 500 watts.

It has a heavy duty temperature sensor on the end of a 67inch flexible lead – you can push this sensor into compost or soil so that you are accurately measuring the temperature where your seeds will be germinating. The sensor can also be used to measure air temperature, allowing it to efficiently control low wattage heaters.

Temperature Range – 5-30 degrees C / 41-86 degrees F. Simple to control use the up and down buttons to set the desired temperature. The thermostat will turn the appliance on when the temperature is too cool or off when the set temperature is reached.

Maximum Load – 500 watts. Make sure to check the wattage of your appliance so that it is 500 watts or below.

Approximate Dimensions – 4½in diameter x 2¼in deep (11cm x 5.5cm). With an easy to read, large, back-lit, digital display screen which makes the temperature visible at a glance and can also be dimmed when not in use.

Probe Lead – 67in / 170cm long. This long flexible lead has the heavy duty, temperature sensing probe on the end.   

Plug Lead - 65in / 165cm long. With a socket on the end designed for you to plug your appliance into. So no wiring required!  

Power Cable - 64in / 163cm long.