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Jumbo Propagator Set

SPECIAL OFFER - buy this set and you will receive the mat FREE
Create an instant environment for propagation and save money with this Jumbo Propagation Set.
Combining a temperature controlled heated mat, high cover, aluminium tray and FREE capillary matting all in one package you’ll have everything you need to get started propagating on a large scale.

This Special Offer Bio Green Jumbo Propagator Set includes:

Thermostatically controlled heat mat 3’11" x 19" (120cm x 50cm), with an accurate temperature range of 0-40 degrees Centigrade (32-104 degrees Fahrenheit), with a temperature sensor on the end of a 39" (99cm) flexible lead.
Power consumption 150 watt, 6’7" (2 metres) mains lead.

High cloche cover 19" (50cm) high in the centre providing loads of protected growing space. Designed to retain heat, zipped end and side panels reduce condensation and promote healthy plant growth.
Sturdy tubular framework quickly assembled without the need of any tools.

Two aluminium Trays 19" x 23.5" x 7/8" deep (500mm x 597mm x 22mm), Use these aluminium Gravel Trays in conjunction with the jumbo propagator to hold your plants and seedlings whilst propagating your seeds.
The addition of this tray will be an aid to watering whilst also prolonging the life of the Jumbo Propagator Heating mat, as it stops you potentially damaging it with pots and trays.
These trays are not sealed at the corners to allow any excess water to drain away to pre vent your plants from becoming water logged, but if you wished to make them watertight then simply apply silicone sealant in the corners.

Pre cut capillary mats to fit within the aluminium trays, simply water in one place and the water will spread across the whole area of each tray to provide all your plants with water

Jumbo Propagator overall size 22" x 4’3" long (56cm x 130cm).
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