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Propagator Thermostats

Propagator Thermostats are designed to provide you with cost effective and accurate temperature control. When joined to your propagator or heating element (such as a soil warming cable) they enable you to set a temperature which you wish to achieve. The thermostat then turns on the propagator until the required temperature is reached. Once achieved, the thermostat turns the heat off. When the temperature falls below the required temperature the thermostat turns the heat back on. In this way your seedlings should never be overheated and costs are kept down as heat is not being provided unnecessarily.
Propagator Thermostats that have a remote sensor are the most popular. They allow you the flexibility of placing temperature sensor exactly where you want to - into the growing media, between pots of plants, under seed trays, within propagator covers etc. In this way you can accurately sense the temperature in the most temperature critical area based on what you are growing.